A Programmable 4 port USB Hub

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High Power, Hardened, and Controllable!

This is the smart USB Hub you need! High Power ( 4 by 2.5A), ESD protected with a wide input voltage range. It's software controllable, including current and voltage measurement and individually controlled data and power lines. The USBHub2x4 has everything you need to develop and test your next USB product or power hungy iOS/Android app.

USBHub2x4 is a programmable USB hub featuring 4 downstream device ports with standard USB type-A receptacles. Each port is capable of delivering up to 2.5A simultaneously, with two upstream host connections using USB mini-B connectors. USBHub2x4 is perfect for environments where multiple devices need to be shared or switched between two host computers. E.g.: software regression testing, iPhone software development/validation, Android software development/validation, USB device regression testing, manufacturing testing, device burn-in testing and USB device charge-curve testing.

Fully software controlled from a variety of programming languages, this hub will support all of your testing behavior needs..

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Hardened against ESD strikes up to +-15kV air-discharge (IEC 61000-4-2 level 4) and fully operational withstanding up to 50C ambient temperature

Full control

Software control via Acroname GUI, C/C++, Python and embedded behavior via the Reflex language

High Power

Simultaneous 2.5A output to all 4 downstream devices

Turbo Mode

Unique configurable inter-port enumeration delay and upstream/downstream signal boost

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